Posted: November 1, 2008 in Chihuahua, Chihuahuas
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Hello everyone, After we lost Meshach, Paige’s friend with the puppies asked us if we wanted to take home a sister from new-puppies-2008-10-09-2the litter. We didn’t really want a girl but decided to take her home and see how she “fit”. She was cute and hadn’t really bonded with anyone and whenever they tried to adopt her it fell through. Shadrach was a bit of a monster and likes to chew. He likes to chew on me as well. He’s sweet but he snaps playfully at me and with his needle sharp baby teeth, he has drawn blood on me more than once. He has teeny nylabones and a plethora of things to chew on but I was his favorite. He could teach a course on cute so it is hard to get mad at him. So we brought the new Chihuahua home. She’s almost all black new-puppies-2008-10-25-33and has a bit of white on her chest and one of her toes is merle like her brother. The friend called her Veronica. So we brought her home and expected that she would be smaller, meeker and you know just more girly. We thought he might thump her around. She is meeker and more girly but she sure doesn’t put up with much of his junk. She can take care of herself. She endeared herself to me immediately and was very sweet. She also became his favorite “toy” and doesn’t bite me as much. She is one of the best things to ever happen to him. She calms him down and sets him straight if he needs it, and he always needs it. So you may be wondering why I titled this ViVi. ViVi is Veronica shortened and “cutened” and she just looks like a ViVi. They all have nicknames. More later, m

p.s. if you click the pictures they will get bigger
we also have more new pics on WebShots




He’s too young or Napoleonic to realize this might not be a good idea.

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