Almost Everything Changes pt 3

Posted: March 6, 2009 in God, ONE
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Faith !?!?

Faith !?!?

It really is crazy how God works sometimes but I’m way ahead of myself. 😛   So I left off with a pretty size-able rant about the church but if you know me you know I can be pretty passionate about something I believe in and I sure believe christians misrepresent God. Before I go off again we should continue on with the story … (I had updated this already but I lost it. backup, backup, backup!) So heck, I don’t even really know where I am in the story but  know it keeps getting bigger. Paige and I really kinda headed out on our own. We have some friends that are coming along side of us but most day to day decisions are us and God. We still didn’t have a place to meet so Paige saw another building pretty close to us, it was huge. I, being the Giant-of-Faith that I am, discouraged her from calling, this place was huge and nothing we could ever afford. We were still praying that God would make a way for us to get into the other smaller place. So she ended up calling the Realtor and they said it was 2900 Square feet and that it was $100,000. Now this isn’t much in Los Angeles or even Boise, ID but it’s a chunk of change here and more than we’ve got or want to borrow. So we forgot about it. A few weeks later, Paige got a message from a guy asking her to call him back. Fortunately, we are able to pay our bills so we had no fear that it was a creditor, mad at us. So she called him. His name was Richard and he was the owner of the giant house and he was just checking in to see if we were interested in the house. Paige told him that we were, and why we wanted it, and that we couldn’t afford it. He asked what kind of money we were working with.  She told him, little to none. He thought it was strange to be looking for a place with no money. She told him again that we were looking for a place for our church



/ ministry. He didn’t really say anything. So after a lull she went on. She said that she thought that God was going to put us in the place He wanted us in and that we were just trying to go where He wanted us. We know that this sounds crazy, we sound like lunatics, it is crazy, but it’s also true. Another lull as we imagine Richard getting ready to hang up the phone. He doesn’t. He just says that he thinks God may be behind the call. 🙂 See it is crazy!  Crazy but true. He says he wants to meet with us to show us the building.  CRAZY! So we set up a date a few days later. We can’t believe it.As the day gets closer both Paige and I begin to think something crazy is going to happen. We don’t know exactly what and we are afraid to get our hopes up too high, even though we trust God. Sometimes, most times, He has a different timetable that we do. Thankfully, He always has a better plan, and timing plays into that. We are afraid even though we trust because, unfortunately, we are human, which turns out to be the best option on earth (unless you are one of our Chihuahua’s). He knows we don’t have money but want to meet with us. Odd.

So the day arrives and we go to meet with Richard. We’ve prayed quite a bit about and for this moment. I’m afraid of what he is going to think of me. I’ve got a 5 inch chin,beardy thingy. I can imagine we aren’t what he expects. He’s cool right off the bat, he’s older, but he says he didn’t expect anything so he wasn’t disappointed. He warns us that the place isn’t perfect. We weren’t thinking it was. So he takes us on a tour. It is huge. I can’t even tell you how many rooms there are. They are everywhere. The floor is mostly hardwood and is beat up but mostly with a little cleaning and some varnish would be wonderful. I didn’t really have enough time to plot out how it could all work but I can see it. There is even an semi-finished upstairs. It’s all framed out to add more rooms but doesn’t have sheetrock yet. It is even set for plumbing. Cool. So we get done and he asks us what we think. We love it.

to be continued …

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ONE from Space!

ONE from Space!


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