So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore

Much of these ideas came from the book “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore”. You can download it and read it for free. Here:

So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore

Here are some of the things I am chewing on this week:

Does Trusting God to do what I think is best really trusting Him?

Trusting God is to allow Him to do whatever He desires. If I focus that trust on a specific outcome am I just trying to manipulate Him.

Don’t just think of the ways I can fix something, in hindsight it is rarely my idea that He uses.

Day to Day, I can do whatever He puts before me. Savor it without striving and trying to make something happen. Enjoy the process. I can trust His plan. I’m not really in control anyway but I can trust Him.

God meets your needs day by day.

In the moment celebrate what is before you.

Don’t defend yourself.

singing is not Worship, attendance is not Fellowship and rule keeping is not Relationship

Jesus didn’t leave us with a system but a Spirit.

We don’t want ONE to become a less controlled replication of the same institution. Don’t try and get from each other what should come from God.

Lets not try and figure out the best formula to “do” church. Just do life, talk about what is happening and get to know Him more.

Our participation in the Body should be much more than just here.

We will do whatever He gives us to do whith whoever He gives us to do it with.

Equip people to know Him first.

Intentionally walk together as an expression of community, Listening to God together. Sharing lives and resources. Encouraging and Caring for each other and doing whatever else God might ask us to do.


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