Posted: October 15, 2010 in Mike Adams
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I was stunned at how much more like Jesus this video sounds. It sound much more like Him than the words coming out of many christian’s mouths.



  1. jaimz says:

    boy … I don’t know what to say . I try not to judge because , frankly , I have so many of my own sins to occupy my time . And while Christ kept company w/ sinners , to preach the virtues of a Christian life , he also told them to go & sin no more . So I guess what I’m trying to say is , while I won’t judge my brothers & sisters for their sexual preferences , at what point should I make it clear that their lifestyles are still a sin ? While I may love them , I cannot & will not love their life style or condone their behavior . I won’t turn my back on my brothers & sisters , what they choose to do is between them & God . If God gave them freedom of choice , how can I take it upon myself to do any less ? Peace & love .

  2. Mike Adams says:

    Hey Jaimz, Good to hear from you man. I think you nailed it when you said you had sins enough to occupy (me too.) I think we often want to be able to say, Oh yeah I sin but it’s not as bad as (INSERT YOUR OWN LEAST FAVORITE SIN HERE). Especially in the Christian life I think it should be internally focused. I am really the only one I can fix. Now God can fix whatever He chooses. I just want to love people, introduce them to God because the REAL God is GREAT and is almost nothing like we often make Him out to be, and let Him fix whatever He chooses. I certainly don’t have the power to make a gay person straight as I don’t have the power to make a straight person gay. I’m going to try and fix the things in me that God is trying to fix and try to love everyone around me. That should keep me busy! 🙂 Love ya Man! m

    p.s. I just posted a message from a guy in KC. I think you’ll be interested.

  3. jaimz says:

    I agree w/ you Mike . I’m not here to fix anyone but myself . If I as a Christian can aid anyone along their journey w/ Christ , that would be amazing , but my own chains are so long & heavy & the timber is so large in mine own eye that I shouldn’t be able to see the speck in my brothers’ or sisters’ eye .

    Christ told the Apostles that we are not only to love our neighbors , but we are to love our enemies . And if we should love our enemies , shouldn’t then we love EVERYBODY ?! I have two cousins that are gay & I love them . And though I don’t agree w/ their lifestyle , that’s the choice that they made in life . And it’s the freedom of choice that is key in being an intellectual child of God . An unthinking robot or an inanimate object cannot return the love that God gives us .

    Love you too Mike . Keep up the good fight .

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