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It has been way too long since I blogged. It has been so long that almost everything has changed. One of the only 27634change-postersconstants is God. I’ll start about in the middle, heck I don’t know if it’s the middle but I do know it isn’t the beginning and I’m even surer it isn’t the end.

In September we left the church that we believe God brought us to here in North Carolina. I had been on staff for about a year and a half so it wasn’t an easy decision and it certainly wasn’t made quickly. We believed as we do now that we were supposed to do something else. I learned so much at Calvary Chapel of the Triad. It’s the place I learned that I love Junior and Senior High students. I learned I had a heart for them and a gifting as well. I learned how to tell people tough stuff, even when it hurt. I learned to speak publicly. I became a Deacon and it was the first place someone said that I was going to be a Pastor. I met a lot of friends and some people that I thought of as family. It was tough on both Paige and I. We really weren’t sure what we were supposed to do. So we went to church somewhere else. We lost Meshach in this period.

to be continued in part 2 …